Construction in Haliburton County

25 Oct

The County of Haliburton is currently undergoing at least 2 major renovations.  Both the main street in the village of Haliburton and the main street in the village of Minden are being beautified for our future enjoyment.

I must say that the process is quite interesting to watch and as the action in Haliburton Village happens right outside the windows of the office I have a front row seat to the daily progress!

As of today’s date, the progress is as follows:  the asphalt has been removed on the road, the cement is removed from the sidewalks and we’ve received new base material.  Earlier in the year the hydro was buried and as such the hydro poles were removed so now we have these very nice lamp posts instead.  We have brand new curbs and the road currently looks like this photo to the left! 

Progress is definitely occurring and from updates in the local newspaper I understand the renovation of Minden’s main street will be completed ahead of schedule!

As with any changes, the transition period is often a challenge to get through I’m sure that the end results will be well worth the patience required during the construction phase.

Stay tuned for more photo update progress to check on the beautification of the downtown cores!

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