Wolf Update (4.1)

24 Jan

Friends, here is an other update in the wolf-saga: 
Haida and Lonestar have settled in quite comfortably – outside the Wolf Centre. 
They are in good physical condition and interact with the females left inside the enclosure frequently. They move about and are seen not just daily but hourly. They travel within a pie-shaped area north of the Wolf Centre, sometimes as far as 10 kms away, only to return in the evenings. When things settle down around the Wolf Centre, which is close to the main entrance point into Haliburton Forest, the Base Camp, Haida and Lonestar dare to sneek in between the 2 fences where we leave beaver carcasses, their common food. That is with the exception of the last 2 nights, when they were observed feeding on the remains of a fawn on McDonald Lake, which was killed by a wild pack within Haliburton Forest and only app. 4 kms away from the Wolf Centre. Yet, they returned tonight and approached two Haliburton Forest staff. One threw her water bottle at Haida, who grabbed it and took off into the woods with it. Earlier today Haida observed a dogsled tour passing by, hardly 100 feet below him.

While all this is going on, we attempt to capture the two elusive animals. We have reformed the entrance gates of the outer fence area into trap doors. They are now spring loaded with a series of bunjee-cords and held open with a large stick, which in turn is cabled to beaver dangling from a tripod. Our wolves are used to feeding on beavers held in place by cables. Haida and Lonestar came in 3 nights ago, before they found the wolf-kill on McDonald Lake. They pulled the beaver down … and nothing happened. When we saw the half-consumed beaver the next day, we were puzzled. Why did our engineering fail ? Today we know. Have you ever witnessed the elasticity of a bunjee cord at –30 degrees ? And last night the mercury dropped to –39 at Haliburton Forest ! Bunjees are like spaghetti al-dente at that temperature. They lose their spring … and were unable to pull the gate shut when the wolves pulled the beaver. We now reconfigured and are using aircraft cable and weights suspended from pulley-blocks. One of these nights we will capture our two male wolves … one after the other. Please keep those fingers crossed !

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