Wolf Update from January 29

21 Feb

Friends, it has been a week and I received numerous requests for updates. As the lapse of time may indicate, not much can be reported, certainly not the successful reunification of part of the pack. But that does not mean that we were sitting idle in the meantime. After our trapping attempts were kyboshed by the extreme cold experienced last week – remember the –39 (celcius) that took the slack out of a dozen bunjee cords – Haliburton Forest’s David Bishop and Ray Martin spent an entire day at –30 to re-engineer the trap, making it – almost – weather proof and certainly wolf-proof, if ever one gets into it: they converted the entrance area between the two fences, which was familiar to the wolves and where we witnessed them feeding at least 7 times, into a large, 12’ high cage, with the door on a spring-pole mechanism, attached to … you guessed it: a beaver. But so far, and this fabulous contraption has now been set up for a week, none of the two wolves has even made tracks close to it. We know that at some point hunger must drive the two outsiders and they sure well know where they found a beaver the last 7 times they looked for it.

But one explanation may also lie in the last observed sighting of Haida, who was trotting down the road to the local landfill site. Not a pretty place for a wolf, but as we always tell everybody at the Wolf Centre, wolves are opportunistic. And after a weekend in cottage country, I am sure there are morcels of food to be scrounged for a wolf at the municipal landfill. Unfortunately that, being last Friday , was also the last confirmed sighting we have had of either Haida or Lonestar. So if anybody in the larger Haliburton-Dorset area sees a black wolf ( which are VERY rare in the wild in Ontario) or even two, a black and a beige one, we’d like to hear about it. We still have not given up. The door of our trap remains open and perhaps it is mating season, with female pheromones in the air in a couple of weeks, which will bring the boys home. Keep those fingers crossed,
– Peter

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