Haliburton is Hosting, “There’s Something in the Water” Movie Premier!

20 Jan

So, I was going to type a blog post that sounded very professional and informative about the events happening this weekend in Haliburton Village.  As I was compiling my facts and putting them all together I realized how DULL I was making this exciting event sound. So, I’m trying again…


What, a movie premier you say?  How can such a small place pull that off?  We’re premiering it, “Haliburton style” with a 40 foot jumbo screen set up outdoors in Head Lake Park.

What kind of a movie would people stand around to watch outdoors in the winter you ask?  A hockey documentary of course!  This one is based on the huge impact that hockey has here locally.  The film, “There’s Something in the Water” is a 1 hour documentary about how this teeny tiny village in Ontario has been able to send not 1 or 2 but 4 hockey players to the NHL and is also the home base of other retired NHLer’s (yes plural) who choose to make Haliburton their home.

This is going to be such a fun night with bonfires blazing, people visiting and food available.  If you don’t have your ticket plan to get one soon!

So, you’re a HUGE hockey fan and this isn’t enough for you?? How about that we are also hosting the Canadian National Pond Hockey Championships this weekend and next weekend.  With 32 hand crafted rinks set up on Head Lake, it’s hockey all around Haliburton!

Canadian National Pond Hockey Championships - Haliburton, ON


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